The Bad Boys are:

Bob Boyle – Vinnie DeFloria – Dave Zajdel – Ned Stokes


Check out (and purchase) our new CD “Temptations Coming” on Amazon and iTunes.


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It’s time to kick off the summer !!
We have a whole new show with new material and a set of our songs of the CD “Temptations Coming”.
The boys have been hard at work and can’t wait to see everyone to enjoy some sunshine and music. 
  We are getting some very nice reviews from all of you and the ‘Boys say thank you very much.  Check through the web site for more info about the making of the CD. 
There are a few ways to purchase this.  Amazon and I tunes are a couple and of course come out to see the show.  They will always be available there.

We will be announcing a CD release party in the near future so check the site for the date.  Be sure to check our “view from the stage ” page also, and you’ll get those notes on Facebook and Twitter.


   We have been getting tons of emails and we do answer them so please keep sending your thoughts to us, we enjoy hearing from you.  We our excited for the upcoming season and we are looking forward to seeing all you soon.  Thank you all for your support.

  “The Bad Boy Blues Band”



Our NEW CD:”Temptation’s Coming”

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