May 2016

May 2016

Okay, first of all just want all you fans to know how much we love you!

We played the Slickville Sportsman’s Club on April 9th, and there were people there we haven’t seen in decades …yea that’s right decades. Just a bunch of great people and great times!! Can’t wait to get back.

Onward, we head to the Ramada on May 13th, one of the new gigs that the people shake it from beginning to end, so get there early and plan on dancin’ your butt off! The boys fire up at 9pm and go to the wee hours.

On May 28th, we are back at the Diaz club for a makeup date. Those people are ready to bust loose! Albert says “turn it up” and “the Boys” are ready to burn the house down! Please get out to see us, we love to see everyone!



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