Summer is gone

Happy Rocktober to all.

The boys would like to thank all our fans for coming out to see us all summer long. We had a very successful year and we couldn’t do it without all of you.

In the words of Bob “give me a hell yeah”.

The band is starting it’s wind down so they can get into the studio and finish their CD and revamp the set list. But the party isn’t over yet. They are playing their final out door gig at the Pepperwood Grille on the 5th. The Halloween party this year will be at Jamison’s Restaurant and Tavern on the 25th. They only have one more after that in November and of course it’s the night before Thanksgiving at Jamison’s.

As always please check out our face book page, and anyone having any pictures of our events, e-mail them and we will get them up on our site.

We look forward to seeing everyone at these upcoming events and again we thank you all for your support.



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